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Whenever we work with athletes or coaches, it's fascinating how much of their performance they put down to the 'mental game'. This makes sense, because everything we do from a performance point of view is dependent on our brain (or mind), whether that is our attention and concentration, decision making, confidence to perform or motivation to train. 

And yet...brain and mental skills training forms only a small part of an athlete's overall preparation.


We are on a mission to change that. 

Whether you're a Weekend Warrior training for the next half-marathon, or an elite athlete with an Olympic-sized dream - mental skills training can help. 


We're passionate about creating change in those we connect with. And we've found one of the most effective ways to do this, is by facilitating workshops, training events and key note addresses. We've delivered training for big and small - from small, non-profit organisations to national sporting teams and organisations.

There is a limit to how much Physical Training athletes can engage in.

More and more, the "mental" aspects of high-performance is being recognized as the the key difference between successful athletes and teams and those who experience less success. 

With a strong background as an athlete and coach, we use our training in Performance Psychology to help coaches decipher all that "Psychology Stuff", and incorporate practical, effective strategies to get your coaching points across, and help your athletes develop improved concentration, motivation and resilience. 



Workshops can be tailored to the needs of your team or you can choose from one of our programs: 

For Athletes

   - Confidence

   - Motivation

   - Coping with setbacks

   - Growth Mindset

   - Managing performance anxiety

For Coaches

   - Leadership skills to influence

   - Incorporating Sport Psychology into your training sessions

   - Managing emotions

Get in touch with us to see how we can work together to help you and your athletes.

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