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Psychologist Session

Counselling & 


We provide individual and couples therapy and counselling for a range of mental health concerns for child, adolescent and adult clients.

Common concerns clients present with include difficulties coping with anxiety and stress, depression, grief, trauma and anger issues.

These concerns are often heightened due to life circumstances, e.g. workplace difficulties, relationship issues, accidents and trauma.

You can book with us directly, or ask your GP for a referral. If you are referred by your GP on a Mental Health Treatment Plan, you may be eligible for a Medicare rebate. 

For more information regarding fees and rebates read our FAQ here.


We offer 1-to-1 coaching that incorporates the latest well-being and performance psychology sciences, to help you improve your well-being and performance.


We focus on those areas that might be important to you - career and study, health, family and relationships.

Some of the ideas we might explore include motivation, goal-setting, leadership skills, communication skills, time-management skills and developing resilience.

Our coaching service is not designed for individuals currently experiencing mental illness. Therefore, Medicare rebates are not applicable.

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